Team Building


Coors Field is proud to partner with StarPro entertainment to offer you a customized teambuilding events that can only be found at the home of the Colorado Rockies.

We have perfected team building events that are fun interactive, and competitive without being strenuous. Our events motivate participants to work together to accomplish simple, definable goals in a non-threatening environment.


Starpro Entertainment team building events cut through established organizational boundaries, and create a relaxed environment where people can work together in an entertaining activity.

Release creativity – Think Outside the Box 

  • Achieve greater involvement
  • Take more initiative
  • Improve Problem solving Skills
  • Enhance communication
  • Increase trust
  • Promote Teamwork/self-managed teams


…Then see the results;

  • Better communications
  • Motivated employees
  • New found creativity
  • Improved teamwork


A teambuilding exercise that will determine your employees strengths

and challenges n the workplace while indentifying where on the team

they make the most contribution. Each member of the team will decide

who they would best represent on a baseball team. Are they a coach,

outfielder, infielder, pitcher or catcher? All of these jobs are analagies for how they operate in their work envoironment and how they can best support their other team members. The teams will participate in several activities ranging from creating a cheers and or catch phrase to engaging in improve scenarios. All of this is hosted by an experienced facilitator.